Join the Midwest Invasive Plant Network for just $30.00 per year! All memberships are from calendar year January 1 to December 31.

Your membership helps us achieve our mission to reduce the impact of invasive plant species in the Midwest. Membership fees enable us to continue our work to create tools for invasive plant prevention, early detection, education, control, and management. Join MIPN and become a supporting member of our active and committed network.

Individual Memberships
All individual members receive reduced conference registration at MIPN sponsored events, our biannual newsletter, and 10% off publication orders.

Student - $20

Individual - $30

Individual Patron - $100

Organizational & Business Memberships
All organizational memberships receive the same benefits as individual members in addition to those benefits listed below.

Nonprofit/Government Agency/Institution - $50
Includes listing on website and newsletter

Business - $150+
Includes listing on website and newsletter, and up to 2 reduced conference registrations

Business Patron - $500+
Includes listing with logo on website and in newsletter, and up to 3 reduced conference registrations

Business Sponsor - $2000+
Includes a quarter page ad in newsletter, listing with logo on website, and up to 5 reduced conference registrations

Business Champion - $5000+
Includes profile on website and in newsletter, and up to 10 reduced conference registrations

Click Here for the MIPN Membership Registration Form and join MIPN through the US mail.

Unfortunately we've run into a few hang ups with our online membership option, but hope to get it back up soon.

Thank you for your membership!

Any questions, please contact Lara at lvalley@purdue.edu